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About Me

Hi There, 

I'm Champ, I work as an engineer at a major telecommunication company in Australia. Triathlons are my hobbies, I like to ride bicycles, run, swim and enjoy most outdoor sports. I am passionate about bicycle repair and maintenance.


Where it all started

Back in 2010 I was holidaying in Thailand on a beautiful tropical island, as one does. On the island you can rent a motor bike to maximize ground coverage during a short stay. On one sunny afternoon while on the rented motorbike with only boardshorts and thongs (or flipflops for all you US readers), I took a corner at some great speed (as you do on a rented bike). Unknown to me, the road was coated with a  layer of gravel and sand spilt from a construction site near by. My bike skid and I crashed most spectacularly. My bare chest, body and exposed legs, feet and arms ended up with many cuts. Blood was everywhere. Luckily the locals were super nice and took me to the closest hospital where they fixed me up. I was not able to walk on my left leg for about 3 months. 

Having one bad leg and working a desk job, plus my big appetite wasn't going well. I got FAT quickly and became unhealthy at the rate of 3x10^8 m/s. I had to do something about this! I also wanted to get back on my feet again but my left leg was just way way weaker than my right leg and I wasn't able to walk or run properly. I was saved by a co-worker in the office who is twice my age but always goes out for a run and cycles to work. He kept asking me to join him for a run but I kept saying "no, my leg hurts" but he kept asking me to join him and about the second week. I decided to say "YES". On my first run I got to the 2Km mark, and I felt like I was going to DIE! During this run all sorts of questions came to my mind like "Why are you doing this?" "Do you want to kill yourself?". My heart was pumping like never before. I had to stop. But I kept coming back to this running thing. I just don't like giving up so easily, plus the guy that I run with is more than twice my age, if he can do it so can I. So that's where it all started. I never stopped running from there, I also picked up cycling and swimming and now I enjoy competing in running and triathlon events.

Why do you like to work on the bike?

From a young age I have enjoyed pulling apart my mechanical toys, seeing how they work and modifying them to do more then the intended movements & operations. It was my uncle who got me my first bike, a BMX, very fashionable in the 80s. My uncle trained in the Thai royal airforce, he had all the tools and knew everything from building a motorbike to constructing a chicken farm house. I learnt everything from him; how to bleed brakes, fix a leaking tap, install a TV antenna on the roof, the list is endless. The most important thing I learned was to do your job well. Your work reflects your charactor. I do hold very high standards in my work, it has to be perfect!

The bike collection never stop growing. I started off with one bike but they kept having babies when ever the lights were out. Currently I have 5 bikes in my apartment.

With my engineering and science background I hope to produce content for this website that will provide information about bicycle repair, maintenance and product review with some engineering influences. My reviews are objective and are conducted using scientific methods. 

I hope you enjoy reading my articles, how to's, guides, tricks and tips.